Should You Use GoDaddy Website Builder to Create Your New Website?

You're looking to build a new website for your business and you figure, "Why not use GoDaddy Website Builder? I'm already using them as my domain registrar!"

To answer the question directly, because GoDaddy Website Builder sucks and makes it difficult to track goals and conversions in Google Analytics and Google Ads since you can't install Google Tag Manager on a website built with GoDaddy Website Builder.

So what should you use instead to create your new website? I recommend Webflow. It has the best "no-code" designer that I've ever used and it's great for building a custom website or editing one of their premium templates. That's my recommendation for a general marketing website.

You can also make a blog or ecommerce shop using Webflow but it may not be the BEST option for those applications. I personally use Ghost for blogging and I can see why someone would want to use Shopify for an ecommerce shop. Both are better options than GoDaddy Website Builder.

If you're wanting to sell digital products, it's possible to use Webflow for this too since Stripe can integrate with almost any website, Podia is probably going to be a better option depending on how advanced you want to get with Webflow.

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