Tracking GoDaddy Website Builder Form Submissions as Conversions

You have a brand new website built with GoDaddy's Website Builder, but now you're wanting to track form submissions as a conversion in Google Analytics 4. You're not quite sure how you're supposed to go about that since your web form doesn't redirect to a "thank you" page.

You're used to setting up conversion tracking in Universal Analytics where all you need to do is add the URL of the thank you page to create a goal. Unfortunately, that's not possible with your website built with GoDaddy Website Builder. That is also not how Google Analytic 4 works.

What to do? Fortunately, Google Analytics 4 has what are called "enhanced event measurements".

GA4 Enhanced Event Measurement for Form Submissions

By default, GA4 will recognize most form submission events on most websites. To track them as a "conversion", it's simply a matter of going into your event settings in GA4 and click the "Mark as conversion" toggle to track any given event as a "conversion".

With that said, I noticed that GA4 was only showing the "form_start" event firing for the GoDaddy Website I was working on. It wasn't showing "form_submit" event when the form was actually submitted.

It may just be a bug with GoDaddy Website Builder but if you're really wanting to track form completions it might be best to use a different website builder like Webflow.

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