How to Track Crowdcast Event Registrations As a Conversion in Google Analytics

When creating your live webinar, the clear choice for many people is Crowdcast. It has a lot of amazing features that make webinar creation and management a breeze.

The problem is, it's not easy to track webinar event registrations as a conversion in Google Analytics or Google Ads. This is because it doesn't have a Google Analytics integration. If it did, you'd also probably need to set up cross-domain tracking as well, which can be tricky.

So how are you supposed to track Crowdcast event registrations as a conversion?

Create a webinar sign up page on your website using either a Drip or Convertkit (affiliate link) form. Since the form is on your site it's easy to set up conversion tracking for it.

Then use this Zapier zap to register people for you Crowdcast event:

If it's a paid Crowdcast webinar you'd need to do the same thing but with a Stripe form embedded on your site for taking payments. Then just make sure the customer is being added to your Convertkit list with the right tag so it triggers the Convertkit > Crowdcast zap referenced above.

If you have Wordpress, you can use a plugin like Gravity Forms to create your Stripe Payments Form on your site.

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