Why You Won't Know Which Leads Came From Google Ads
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Why You Won't Know Which Leads Came From Google Ads

Why You Won't Know Which Leads Came From Google Ads

This has become a recurring theme for me as a Freelance Google Ad Manager. A local business wants help with their Google Ads, so you come in and proceed to set up call conversion tracking and form submission conversion tracking, etc.

You set up the campaign, start generating conversions and you're thinking 'Hell yea, the client is going to be stoked!'. You report to the client and their response is:

"What's the name and number of the lead that came from the Google Ad?"

Unfortunately, that's just not how Google Ad Conversion Tracking works.

Many will try and just drive Google Ad traffic to a dedicated landing page so they know any form submissions that come from that landing page came from Google Ads.

The problem with this method of tracking is that it assumes the customer journey is linear. It assumes visitors will always convert on the landing page you send them. In reality, a lot of the time visitors will go to the homepage or main website and convert there.

Sometimes they'll come back days later and go to the homepage or main website.

Do you have email links on your website? Do you have 'click to call' functionality on your phone numbers? Do you have a chat?

You'll only be able to track the clicks as conversions, in which case you won't know the name of the visitor that converted this way.

You'll also never know the names of the leads calling from Google Ad via the Call Extension. It's just not how Google Ad Call Conversion tracking works. It can only tell you if a call lasted X seconds long.

The reason they want to know this info is obvious. They want to be able to track their return on ad spend with the Google Ad campaign.

The bad news is they're trying to do it the wrong way. The good news is that it's possible to do this with offline conversion tracking. Click Here to read more about how this works.

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