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What does it mean to ‘optimize’ a Google Ad Campaign?

You hear it all the time. You have to optimize your campaign in order to improve results or increase your return on ad spend.

Well that sounds great, you definitely want to increase your return on ad spend and make more money. Who doesn't!?

But what exactly does it mean to 'optimize' your campaign? What tasks does the include?

Does it just mean raising your Google Ads Optimization Score?

Actually no, raising your optimization score may or may not have that big of an impact on your campaign's performance. I've been helping businesses for over 7 years now helping them lower their cost per conversion and increase their campaign's ROAS.

Optimizing a Google Ad campaign is largely a matter of identifying keywords and dimensions (locations, demographics, audiences, ad schedule & device) that aren't converting (or converting very poorly) and eliminating them to reduce wasted ad spend. This will generally bring down your campaign's average cost per conversion and increase ROAS.

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