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How to Improve the Results of Your Google Ad Campaign

How to Improve the Results of Your  Google Ad Campaign

You have a Google Ad Campaign up and running, generating clicks. You think it's generating good results for you but you're not exactly sure. All you know is you seem to be getting a decent cost per click but you have no clue how many leads or sales are actually coming from the Google Ad Campaign.

The first step to improving your campaign is to first know how many leads and sales you're getting from the Google Ad Campaign. Without that info, you're essentially driving blind.

With Google Ads, you achieve this with something called 'conversion tracking'. A 'conversion' can be any desired action taken by your website visitor. The most common actions to track are phone calls, lead form submissions, email links and if you're selling anything directly on your site then you'll want to track sales as a conversion.

Even if sales happen 'offline' like for most local businesses, it's possible to sync your offline sales data to Google Ads to track offline sales conversions.

Once you have conversion tracking set up, you'll start getting crucial data into your Google Ad Campaign. You'll start to know which ads are generating the most conversions, which keywords, which locations, which demographics, which devices, etc.

Having this data then allows you to make the proper adjustments to reduce wasted ad spend, increase conversions and lower cost per conversion. Which is the name of the game. You want your cost per conversion to be something that is profitable for your business.