Digital marketing tech stack for freelancers and info publishers
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Digital marketing tech stack for freelancers and info publishers

Digital marketing tech stack for freelancers and info publishers

There's a million different website builders, funnel builders, email marketing software, CRMs, CMS', payment plugins, portals, form builders, etc.

It can be quite daunting when figuring out which tools to use for your website and digital marketing campaigns.

I'm currently using the following:

1. Carrd

I currently use this for I switched from, which is also a great website builder for more complex websites.

Carrd is a great single-page website builder with a built-in form builder. You can create multiple pages but it's not well suited for big websites with a lot of pages and a navigation bar. It's perfect for sales pages, profile pages, squeeze pages, etc.

You can even set up Stripe checkout to handle payments for any digital product or service you want to sell.

2. Convertkit

I'm using this for my email marketing automations. For now, my needs here are pretty basic. I simply have a newsletter optin and have members of my blog synced to Convertkit using

I plan on setting up more complex marketing automations with Convertkit as my list continues to grow.

3. Ghost blog

I was using Hexo blog for the past couple of years which is a great static site generator but a lot has changed in that time. I've been doing less and less coding work and have found myself wanting something that doesn't involve terminal commands and markdown.

I wanted a slick CMS and a more user-friendly editor. I also wanted something that was search engine optimized out of the box. For these reasons, I made the switch to Ghost. I'm still in the process of setting up all of my 301 redirects but eventually, they will all be moved over. I've made the long-term commitment.

Other Solutions I'm Considering

Right now I only sell freelance services and don't have any products to offer at the moment. So my needs are fairly simple. I just need a way to publish content, rank it in the search engines, and generate leads.

I plan on launching ebooks and courses in the near future and when I do I may end up choosing Podia to handle payments and product delivery.

It's not 100% necessary since you can technically set up any sales page and Stripe checkout button using Carrd but Podia makes it easier to manage your products and courses since they're all in one place.

Customers have a password protected members area they can go to access any products or e-courses they buy. Podia comes with some extra nifty features too like one-click upsells and the ability to easily bundle products together and offer special offers.

I'm also considering in the future to help add more personalization to my marketing funnels. The general idea is that everyone has a different reason to care about your products or services. The more you can segment your email list and personalize the content to match their specific situation, the easier it is to sell them.

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